The Un-Bride



City Hall. Oh the romance of it. In the fashion of fictional couple Carrie & Big, there’s something nostalgic and no-nonsense (both admirable qualities) about a City Hall civil service. Sure 85% of brides out there will disagree. But they’re morons.

 Honestly, who wouldn't rather go to London Drugs to pick up a marriage licence instead of this dump. 

Honestly, who wouldn't rather go to London Drugs to pick up a marriage licence instead of this dump. 

Like I said last time, if boyfriend & I could trot down the road to our rather attractive Art Deco-ish City Hall and tie the knot, we would. However lucky for us, in BC betrothed couples don’t have that luxury. Instead, in order to obtain a marriage license, we West Coasters have to go to . . .  get this: London-effing-Drugs. Makes perfect sense to me, nothing says matrimony like a nationwide retail giant specializing in pharmaceuticals. And the great news is, after you buy your license, you can wander down to aisle 8 and pick up a toaster instead of waiting for 12 poorly wrapped ones on your wedding day.

As well as telling you where to get your marriage license, the website helpfully gives you a list of marriage commissioners. Commissioners operate out of their residences as well as meeting at venues of the couple’s choosing. This is fine I suppose, if you’re spending 30k on The Brock House. But what do you do if you want something more intimate that’s not in a stranger’s “garden” suite (gnomes not included)?

Back in the mid 80’s the BC government decided to dispense with city hall marriages entirely after there was a public “outcry” for an alternative to the traditional services. Clever of them to do away with city hall ceremonies completely and not just implement additional options. That’s using your ass. 

When typing in Vancouver elopement into the Googles one is met with nothing but photographs of out of place brides with suspender wearing grooms either on a beach or in the stupid forest. FYI. Just because we live in BC doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate urbanity. The bottom line is, unless you're willing to fork out half your life savings there aren’t any indoor venue options. Give us a GD choice provincial government. Stay tuned for my petition to re-introduce City Hall civil services to Vancouver.