Almost Famous


It has come to our attention: Fair SG plays a starring role in Bryan Adams 80's video, Heaven. Actually there are two videos - the one people know about and this one. Naturally this little gem is our favorite as it features not only the Stanley Theatre, but it features the theatre when it was a Famous Players cinema.  Also the dreaded #10 bus makes an appearance. Not as noteworthy an appearance as in the credits of 21 Jump Street, but a claim to almost fame none the less.

Some fun facts:

  • The director of the video, Steve Barron, directed such classics as Take on me and Billie Jean. 
  • Garwin Sanford (the actor portraying the unconvincing drunk) similar to the #10 bus, appeared in 21 Jump Street - just in a lot less episodes. 
  • 20 years later none of the shops appearing in the video are still there. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
  • Interesting fact for me personally: The disgusted girlfriend is played by Lysette Anthony who played a duplicitous damsel in distress in the underrated comedy Without a Clue.