The Un-Bride

 Feeble proof that I'm climbing the stairs in my building. 

Feeble proof that I'm climbing the stairs in my building. 


I have to work on my fitness. 

Actually I don't have to. But it's good for the ol' ticker, plus I'm not getting any younger. 

The real question is why now? Vanity. That's why. In actuality I should be taking cardio and crap very seriously all of the time. But I have succumb to vanity and for those fleeting hours on that special day, where flash bulbs will be going off in blinding urgency I would prefer to look tip-top. 

Having a wedding in warm weather means less sleeves, cover-ups and what have you. Arm strength has never been my strong suit - so that's one thing I'm working on. 

Also since I've been desk-bound for the last 3 years I notice my knees aren't what they used to be. This is also something I need to sort the hell out, alternatively - I could just wear a ball gown. 

So in an effort to look and more importantly, feel my best, I have begun doing the stairs in my apartment building (Hycroft Towers) That means 4 stairwells, 8 floors and roughly 400 stairs. How often do I do this? One to two times a week. This is not enough. Because I dislike running into people on my "route" I have taken to flailing around my apartment like a crazy person, adopting all of the latest it-exercises and am doing them almost religiously. 

Remembering of course what happened last time I began routinely exercising, I'm taking my life in my hands all in the name of looking my 40 year old best. Just to increase the ways I could die pre-wedding, I've also begun my unhealthy tanning process.

Here goes nothing.