The Un-Bride


It’s gone from 160, down to 100 and back up to 120. So what’s more important? Inviting everyone we find somewhat near and dear or not going in debt? There's an answer somewhere, but I don't have it. 

The invite list is tough. The good news is I don't have feelings and I'm practical-ish. So sadly I'm making cuts where cuts need to be made. So instead I distract myself with still looking for a dang wedding dress. 

 A baby. Ruining MY DAY! 

A baby. Ruining MY DAY! 

My mom is currently visiting so we could do a little pre-wedding bonding. Only child, almost 40, really it was a once in a lifetime thing I couldn't deny her. So I made another appointment at another bridal boutique. Because two just simply isn't enough. The full intention being to not buy. The appointment process was 10 fold. Brides-to-be were to request an appointment online with preferred date included. An email containing a few time choices on the requested date was received and in turn, Bride-to-be sent back a preference - this went on for a couple of days and several more emails. By the end of it Bride-to-be is asked for a credit card number. Incase she's a no-show $50 will be charged to her - she is now instructed to call and confirm her appointment. Question: Why not just call in the first place? 

I did as I was told. Calling and specifically asking (as per email) for either "Brenda or Kelly" (not their real names). "Donna" called back asking me about my dress preferences. I blathered on about simplicity, which I imagine fell on deaf ears. I then said "I can tell you what I don't want; ball gowns and ruching."  "What's ruching?"  answered back. I should have hung up. 

I didn't hang up. I kept my date like a good girl and tried on my fair share of dresses. No closer to a decision people. Although helpful tip: don't bring a baby to your wedding dress appointment - they totally steal your thunder.  

Posted on June 17, 2015 and filed under The Un-Bride.