Two Cents in Two Sentences: Air conditioning

 Illustration by  Zenija Esmits

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

With glorious weather comes and excess of air conditioning. Love, hate or tolerate it, it's everywhere . . . until it isn't.

ZE: "Air-con - and there are cons. Namely, nosebleeds."

LC: "I have air conditioning at home which gives me a cold if I sleep with it on (so it's off) and I'm baking at work where there is nothing but direct sunlight and no A/C . . . a cruel joke (I did just learn to set the date and time on my thermostat though, which is a huge personal achievement.)"

HM: "Not a fan generally as it makes me sneeze. Except in the car."

HP: "I have mixed feelings about air conditioning, because it usually dries out my contacts and makes me too cold (I don't even like ice in my drink either except for those three really brutally hot days in summer).  However, I love having the OPTION of that cool air stream in cars or hotels, and after a long hot day of sunbathing by the pool, (or gambling in Vegas), you can bet I won't complain (#cashmeredesignerscarf)."