Two Cents in Two Sentences: How does your garden grow?

 Illustration by  Zenija Esmits

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

Just because we live in the city doesn't mean we don't like gardening. Some of us may have a green thumb, some of us simply like puttering in piles of dirt and some are just stone cold killers. Here's our take on gardening.

ZE: "My garden grows indoors on my window sills with a LOT of TLC and zero sunlight. Fortunately my building has a kick-ass rooftop garden that all can enjoy."

LC: "My garden grows bare . . . I killed an orchid I was given a few months ago. I was so embarrassed about it I left the corpse on the balcony for weeks."

HM: "Outdoors on a balcony featuring arugula, lettuces, herbs and beans. Although my boyfriend laughs at me, I find that obsessively checking it every five minutes totally helps speed growth."

HP: "My garden grows on high and does quite well for a balcony space.  I have a mix of colourful flowers and herbs (great for cooking!) as well as a strawberry plant!"



Posted on June 11, 2015 and filed under 2 cents in 2 sentences.