Two Cents in Two Sentences: Fragrance on others

From revolting (a noxious musk with a splash of gigolo) to delightful (salt water and sunscreen) we all have our opinions about fragrance and what one person finds nauseating another will find intoxicating. Perfumes can remind you of your Auntie who wore Angel (before EVERYONE did & ruined it) or they can transport you to that time in 1990-something when you had a fling with that Italian in Cinque Terre. The point is, scent is a very personal thing. Here's our Two Cents (which incidentally won't even buy you coloured water by Tinkerbell anymore) on scents.

 Illustration by  Zenija Esmits

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

ZE: "Whether it's the delicate pong of vanilla gently cradling a base note of BO or the haze of stink that lurks in department stores, a general rule should be: less is more. And if that rule can't be adhered to there should be a a fine for assault on the senses"

HM: "It seems to me that people wear less scent these days so I don't notice it that much until that day you step into your elevator and well, there it is."

LC:  "I have dated and mated with too many gentleman based almost solely on how they smell.... So this is sometimes a major turn on... Or completely OFF."

HP: "It can be lovely if the fragrance is classic, and most importantly if it suits the person wearing it because of the personal nature of scent. However, cheap and nasty, thoughtless, celebrity-flogged, tart's hanky, feral cat piss perfume - not so much."


Posted on August 27, 2015 and filed under 2 cents in 2 sentences.