Two Cents in Two Sentences: What are you Barbequing?

Tis the season:  for billowing blue smoke, reasonably priced meat charred to within and inch of its life and the ensuing 'sweats'. How do you BBQ? 

 Illustration by  Zenija Esmits

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

ZE: "We aren't allowed to BBQ in our building and summer isn't quite the same without it. If I had my druthers (read briquettes)  I'd barbeque the crap out of the following: Corn on the cob, steak, sausages and potatoes."

HM: "I don't have a barbeque. But if I did, a lamb."

LC: "Lamb chops and tonnes of veggies at my parents cabin on Sakinaw Lake. I am the chef de cuisine...and head bartender."

HP: "Lately we are BBQing a lot of salmon which is simple and quick, done with maple syrup and cracked black pepper. Accompanied with sliced baby "potats" tossed in olive oil, garden chives and Italian parsley along with some green beans and enjoyed with your favourite wine, it's summer at its best."