Two Cents in two sentences: Favourite SG Sign, Past or Present

ZE: "Naturally I'm a fan of Zebra Club's giant Z on the corner of 15th and Granville. It just makes good sense that I live across the street."

LC: "I like the sign that hangs on the fence at the Granville Park Lawn Bowls Club - it lists “friendship” on the short numbered list of benefits of joining and becoming a member."

HM: "Not sure if it qualifies as a sign, but I do admire the classic type on the cornerstone of the Chalmers Church."

HP: "Mine is the Normandy Cafe sign which was a staple here in SG for many years until a fire took it out. Having the old school look of a "greasy spoon joint" it beckoned all the locals, mostly the senior components into a friendly meeting place with familiar faces, decent specials and cozy booths to linger with coffee...dreaming of days gone by."