Two Cents in two sentences: How do you unwind?

 Illustration by Zenija Esmits

Whether it's drinking a gallon of wine while watching Netflix or taking a brisk walk most folks have a favorite way to unwind. Here are our two cents.

ZE: "Television - with a side of Cheezies."

LC: "When is rainy I unwind In a bath with a cold drink on the soap ledge, and an iPad precariously perched so I can listen to a podcast or watch netflix… When its nice out I unwind in the park with my dog and beers in my back pack, and when I have the energy its in my kitchen cooking dinner to music with a glass of wine."

HM: "Usually it's just being with my loved one, my friends and family. But bike rides and gin and tonics also make appearances in this department."

HP: "I like to unwind with a fresh magazine and pen (to go through it, making notes/checkmarks), or a good book especially in the mornings with coffee.  After work scenario would involve a glass of wine with above reading material, TV show or movie, or out somewhere with and friends and/or husband, wine included."