Two Cents: What are you scared of?

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

From the cliched spider to heights - this is what your friendly neighborhood inhabiters are scared of.

ZE: "Ummm ever seen the movie Melancholia - Another planet or moon colliding with Earth, that's my worst nightmare. Also I'm not keen on heights, or heart palpitations."

LC: "I am scared of a lot of things, some I am willing and unwilling to admit. One thing that scares me in particular is the idea of finally getting my driver’s licence, and then dying in a car crash shortly thereafter. I really hope this blog post doesn’t put a bad-jinx on that fear…If it does…well, at least it will be good traffic for the blog."

HM: "The dark."

HP: "Ok, besides hanging my foot (or any appendage) off the side of the bed or sleeping with the closet doors open, I would have to say that the last few days of blood red sun and moon have freaked me out.  I have felt a primitive urge to sacrifice a pigeon, examine it's entrails and contemplate my future (with the lights on, of course)"