Two Cents in Two Sentences: What do you think of your birthstone?

October's birthstone is Opal (and tourmaline apparently). But the opal specifically has a superstition attached to it (is it a coincidence that Halloween is in October?) that goes something like: If you're not born in October and wear in particular, a white opal it's massive bad luck. Take your life in your hands people, or just stick to the stone assigned to you. 

 Illustration by  Zenija Esmits

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

ZE: "Garnet - wank. The muddiest least romantic stone of them all."

HM: "In various books I've seen Pearl, Alexandrite and Aquamarine attributed to June. I love aquamarines and would be happy to accept a tiara in the same."

LC: "My birthstone is ruby - obviously ; ) Did you know that the official tone of ruby red is referred to as "pidgin blood"? I love & wear my earrings everyday."

HP: "I LOVE my birthstone which is turquoise but I actually don't own any.  Over the years turquoise jewelry styles have been in and out such as Native American chunky stirling silver settings, etc. but what I'm really craving is a David Yurman gold set Sleeping Beauty turquoise cocktail ring which is timeless (and the price of my current rent)."


Posted on October 22, 2015 and filed under 2 cents in 2 sentences.