Two Cents in Two Sentences: What's your go-to Hallowe'en costume?

Raise your hand if you ever cut holes in your Mom's 400 thread count sheets? Me either. When laziness and age has got you down, but you're being dragged to some insufferable Hallowe'en shin-dig - what do you wear?

ZE: "I haven't dressed up in years. Back burner ideas are: Daryl HannaH in Splash (I heart NY t-shirt + a crimping iron) and for a couples costume: Al and Peg Bundy." 

LC "My go to Halloween costume – is Alex from A Clockwork Orange..."

HM: "I have always fancied the idea of going as a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. I would wear a blue satin floor length gown with a cameo brooch of Queen Victoria"

HP: "I'm trying to think of something age appropriate but really, isn't Halloween supposed to be scary? So, I guess my go-to costume would be aging Vegas cocktail waitress/moviestar/beautyqueen/FirstWife/ or a sexy kitty."