Two Cents in Two Sentences: What does Back to School mean to you?

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

Raise your hand if you still feel the urge to buy new binders, erasers and duo-tangs even though you've been out of "school" for 15+ years.

ZE: "School starting means less pint-sized yahoos loitering on MY streets." shaking fist*

HM: "A new pencil case and fresh loose-leaf paper and the world of new beginnings that these imply. Maybe I'll buy a new notebook just for nostalgia's sake."

LC: "On the same day all of the other chillin's went back to school both - me and my 66-year-old father had extreme anxiety – we could soon figure out this feeling had been ingrained with us since our childhoods. So glad that's over."

HP: "Come September there is a certain change of season smell in the air which takes me right back to the very first day of a new school year, especially grade ten and onward.  Excitement - especially with my Back to School kit from the drugstore which featured a razor, deodorant, tampons (girl's kit), Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo and conditioner and a strawberry mini Lip Smackers lip balm."