Two Cents in Two Sentences: What's your favorite thing about fall?

The changing of the leaves and Starbucks saccharine seasonal offering; The Pumpkin Spice Latte . . . Ahhhh autumn.

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

ZE: "One: I enjoy collecting chestnuts, only to let them gather dust in my home. Two: I enjoy slacking off on shaving my legs." 

HM: "Turtle necks and boots and crunchy leaves under my feet."

HP: "This is an unfair question because I have many favourite things about fall.  Some but not all would be the cool and crisp "change of seasons" smell in the air, the beautiful leaves, the "I'm getting my shit together - it's a new month" energy, and of course the cozy fashion statements I will be making as I parade around the neighbourhood in my chunky knit sweaters and boots."

LC: "My favorite thing about fall is not sweating profusely."


Posted on September 24, 2015 and filed under 2 cents in 2 sentences.