Doors of South Granville: Queen Elizabeth

A Photo Series by Helena McMurdo

The garden of this building is quite elaborate and if you can look past the bear statues and monkey trees, you might just spy the beauty of its side door on the Hemlock side of the building.  I was drawn to the incongruity of the splendid name and glasswork on the door itself and the slightly worn exterior and cracked paving. Whether this was named for the current Queen of Canada or for her mother, I'm not sure. I don't have a date on this building so if anyone can help in that regard, let me know. Whether it was named for her or not, this seems to be an appropriate door to feature on the day which Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning British monarch.

Name: Queen Elizabeth

Building Type: Three-Storey Walkup

Address: 1395 West 13th Avenue

Cross Street: Hemlock

Best Feature:  Inlaid glass door and gold letters.